Friday, February 11, 2011

What the....bee hive?!?!?

First off let me say sorry for the long delay in writting lately. I took a small vacation back to the states. I had a wonderful time! The kids really enjoyed every moment and the snow was....cold.

You see, I went home because I was homesick and I needed a dose of "reality" but when I was there I realized... I LOVE Jordan and I LOVE living here. I don't know what it is about this place but I feel alive here. We have made good friends and we always have something to do here. Yeah things are really backwards compared to the US but that is what makes this country great.

Well I will save my love for another post. Well the other day during one of our cold spells here of about 50 deg. f we decided to roll down our window blind. Well a window blind is a shade that is outside of your window or door that blocks out the air, sand light etc.

Well we ran into a problem, the blind kept getting stuck in the exact same spot. We could not figure out why or how this was happening. We figured the pull thing got stuck. Oh we were in for a big suprise.

Do you see that crazy looking blob! Yes that was once living in our roll panel! Khaled opened the cabinet and immedatly closed it and went running like a baby leaving me and Yusuf confused sitting directly under this monstrosity.
Well when Khaled finally came to his senses and Yusuf was in a safe area we poked this hive and found nothing was alive...thank GOD. But can you believe it?!?!? this thing was literally about the size of 2 heads and it wrapped around the backside of our shade. It gives me goose bumps everytime I think about it.

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